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The Ultimate Guide For Ordering At The Best Indian restaurant:

For the foodies in the house, any new dish to the buffet always excites you. You must have tasted Italian, Mexican, and American, etc dishes, and no doubt that pizza would be one of the favorites. And, you must be amazed by knowing that the Indian buffet is also the most loved food among the top crazy food menus available at the best Indian restaurant.

If you have an Indian restaurant in your area and you are in doubt that what to order from the menu, then go through some of the famous Indian dishes you can munch on.

Let’s see what you can order at the best Indian restaurant near you:

  • Samosa:

This delicious snack is a spicy fried dish-in the best Indian restaurant around the world you will find this snack serving with tea or saur and sweet sauces. The stuffing is mostly of potatoes but you might find different stuffing samosas at the best Indian restaurant near you.

  • Chutney:

It is the hand madethe sauce in which all your snacks get dipped, India has too many chutneys, like the red chutney made with tomatoes, the green chutneys made with coriander leaves, the mint chutney, green chili chutney, and saur tamarind chutney, etc. You will be served snacks with various chutneys at the Indian restaurant.

  • Raita:

It is a famous Indian beverage made with fresh yogurt and ice cubes. It is helpful in digestion as yogurt is full of protein. The raita is available in mix vegetable raitas, boondiraitas, plain raita, and salt & pepper raita, etc. The drink can be taken separately or you can add it with your meal.

  • Naan:

No Indian curry is complete without the Indian bread-naan. Naan is made with all-purpose flour which is fermented for 30 minutes and then small doughs are made out of the mixture. The small doughs are then flattened and given round shape, each side of the naan is properly cooked and served with any Indian curry.

  • Pakora:

In the rainy season, Indians used to have pakoras and tea in the evening, pakora is small snacks that are filled with potato, onion, tofu, spinach, and cauliflower, etc. Though with the variety of foods in trends you can find chicken pakoras at the Indian restaurant too. The chicken is filled in the thick mixture of gram powder and fried, it is served hot with the different flavors of chutneys.

  • Palakpaneer:

It is a green curry made with spinach leaves, it is full of iron and so delicious. The big chunks of cottage cheese and tofu are added into the hot spinach curry at the end so that the tofu or the cottage cheese will absorb the spinach flavor. Order this nutritious full curry with Indian bread.

  • Cholebhature:

Cholebhature is a set of chickpea curry and one of the Indian bread. The spicey chickpeas are made with so many flavors and ground spices. Indians believe that ground spices can change the destiny of any dish. The bhatura is big enough to fill your tummy, next time when you going to the Indian restaurant do not forget to try one of the authentic dishes of India.

  • Pulaw:

Pulaw is a light dish made with Indian rice, they are long, healthy and delicious. Different vegetables are cooked together with the rice to give some variety in the dish. Saffron is also used with milk to give the royal touch to your pulaw. When you are in no mood to eat anything heavy, you can order pulaw ate the Indian restaurant.


Now you are familiar with the Indian dishes and its flavors, so do not delay to visit your nearest Indian restaurant. Take your friends with you and enjoy the royal tastes of India and Indian dishes.


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