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Born Again! What Are The Characteristics Of New Life:

Born again does not mean physical birth; it is the spiritual awakening of one’s self. Though indeed, our physical appearance exists once in a lifetime, the soul can take as many births as it wants. 


How Does It Happen?


First, we need to look after our present human conditions; there are many issues we face daily; according to Jesus, it all begins in our hearts. The concern is something that is called sin, which means losing the mark, not knowing what we can do.


If we know this or not, we try to fix the dilemma ourselves to cover it or force it out of our heads, but something is still lacking deep inside. Nothing will please us fully until we have Jesus in our lives and the everlasting promise of living in paradise with Him eternal.


What Do You Need To Know About The Born Again Experience?


When in problem, you might have prayed, “I need help from Jesus,” though he is everywhere to help us and protect us. But to meet Him and make a place in heaven, one must change him/herself from inside. 


By changing your inner-self means to accept mistakes, learn from them, and apply them in our lifestyle. The one who admits his/her sins can meet Jesus in heaven afterlife. Accepting yourself as a whole is the first step in taking a new birth.


Four Characteristics Of A New Life


A Spiritual Experience:


The born again experience is the Holy Spirit’s work within our lives. God convicts us to wrongdoing and allows us to realize that in His eyes, our good deeds are inadequate and will never make us eligible for heaven. 


Our Holy Spirit always reminds us of the grace of God and encourages us to confess to our sins and trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Definite Experience:


As our physical body has a fixed time of birth, likewise, our spiritual awakening has a definite time. It starts with the realization of our sins and accepting the fact that Jesus Christ sacrifices himself for our wrongdoings on the cross. 


In our souls, there needs to be a change that is so evident that we will know without a doubt that we were born again. Some people have taken a rebirth in their childhood, but they may not have realized it. And, for some people, it may have happened in their adulthood, but they did not understand the reason and its perspective that why it has happened to them. 


Whenever you call “I need help from Jesus,” He will be there with you, have full faith in Jesus Christ, and you will born again in this life. 


The Lasting Experience:


Being born again changes our inside entirely, but that does not mean we have become perfect. Our old wrongdoings continues within us, as we have confessed our mistakes to the Jesus. He continuously cleanses them with time.  


With the spiritual birth, we are entitled to live a life of sanctification, obedience, compassion, and empathy for God. Therefore, external evidence is a must that shows our inner changes towards the life and love for God; and it is all is possible when we fully accept Jesus Christ. 


Change In Our Destination:


The existence of the Holy Spirit within us is the guarantee that we are the children of God, and we have a secure place in heaven as our eternal destiny. The one who hears the words of Jesus Christ and believe in the one, who has sent Him among us, must need not to fear as God is with him always and takes care of him as His child. 


If you have the born again experience, signify on God’s grace and compassion in your life and thank Him for the salvific work He has done for all.

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