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7 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Your Business Card Designed:

Your business card is more than just holding your company contact information. These are the best tools to make an outstanding impression on anyone else. A well-designed business card always evokes respect for the individual and his company. Tacky, and poorly-designed business cards are easy to ignore. When you are the one handing out the card to your business partners or your clients, you'd want it to be taken seriously by them.

So, without any further ado, let's have a look at the top 10 things that should be taken care of when getting your business card design.

Underneath, a compiled list of 7 design tips for your business card is given. Kindly have a look:

  • Avoid Clutter:
Try to keep the design of your business card simple. Just include the basic information which is required. Avoid providing any unnecessary information, such as the type of service or the names of the goods you offer. Nobody has time to look at the card overflowing with information. Your name, your company's name, designation, contact details, and branding are all that's required.
  • Colors :

The way you use colors has a big impact on the look of your business card. Complementary colors work the best. Tell your preferences to the designer and ask them to give you the options. You can also use the art website to get complimentary shades of your favorite color.

  • QR Codes:

A QR code is compatible enough to carry a lot of information in a tiny space. It can be used to lead people to your website. Precisely, there are hundreds of free QR code generators, and apps are available that you can simply use on a computer or phone. Before getting the print out of them, make sure that they are appropriately working. The QR code can also be used as a part of the design. They don't need to be black and white, contrary to popular opinion. Use it creatively to improve the look of your business card.

  • The Back:

Do not leave the "other" side of your business card blank. It can be used to mark the business name and logo, place the QR code, etc. What you can do with it is restricted to your imagination. However, try to avoid providing excessive information.

  • Embossing:

Embossing will add a lot of value to your business card. You can make patterns or emboss the business logo instead of printing it out. This is another place where you can be innovative and experimenting. Only note that there needs to be a description of the embossed pattern. If you go overboard, your business card is going to look like scrunch paper.

  • Special Shapes:

Sticking to the standard rectangular shape is not required. You can also use custom shapes cards that leave a lasting impression on everyone. Adding up small details like rounded corners and creative shapes can also make your business card design appear astonishing!.

  •  Material:

A non-standard material attracts immediate notice. Try to choose a fabric that means something to your business. That can match your company standard. Apart from paper, many different types of alternative materials are also available like metal, plastic, and even ceramic-infused paper that can make their cards unique.


Finally, note that great design needs a great printing service. The card you receive from a low-quality printer will cost you so many customers that any small savings you create will be wasted. Use a high-quality business card design company, and you're guaranteed to make a great first impression.

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