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USB Heated Hoodie to Keep your Workers Warm during Harsh Winters

Nowadays, the winter workwear has evolved since the early medieval days when animal fur provides warmth and safety during the freezing winter. 


Health practitioners have several opportunities to keep employees protected from the risks of over-exposure to extreme environmental environments. One way to shift the heat on this winter is to buy a USB heated hoodie at The Sourcing Department.


Danger workers face in winters.


Winter can put life at risk and kill the well-being of employees whose employment placed them in the middle of low temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Protective clothing is a must for work at or below 4 degrees Celsius temperature.


When seasonal employees are provided with sufficient USB heated hoodie, their chances of hypothermia or cold capture are significantly minimized. Poor weather and hurricanes also impair vision, but if the heated hoodie includes high-visibility elements, such as reflective tape, the chance of a car being hit is often reduced. 


A positive side of wearing an excellent heated jacket under challenging conditions is that staff feels more relaxed, which tends to boost efficiency and productivity.


Is layering safe for outdoor workers?


During winter weather or unheated indoor climates, the body devotes a great deal of its resources to preserving its internal temperature by diverting the blood from its extremities to its heart. This causes bare skin and internal organs to cool quickly and raises the chances of hypothermia and frostbite.


Layers will also cover up and feel cumbersome, reduce the range of motion, and decrease efficiency. With a heated winter jacket, workers can minimize the layering of the clothes and let the USB heated hoodie systems function for them.


Five more reasons to buy the USB heated hoodie from The Sourcing Department.


Weight: This moderate-weight jacket decreases the total weight of the wearer with fewer fabrics.


Chargeable: These heated hoodies run on power banks with USB connections ( available at most retail outlets ) When your battery runs out, just put a new one on and keep going, charge your battery when you get back to base.


Adjustable heating: One-click controller button offers users three heat levels, high, medium, and low, hold button down for 5 seconds and your outerwear turns off.  


Forego Gloves: Forgetting gloves in winter season when going out can numb your hands, with headed hoodies you do not have to carry your gloves all the time, just put your hand in the pocket, and you are good to go. 


Distributed heat: Our hoodies utilize carbon fiber heating components to cover the chest and back.


Prepare to keep employees secure, productive, and convenient.


Before the cold weather begins, take a safety meeting to discuss first aid for frostbite, numbness and cold weather with your workers. This will be a perfect opportunity to review inclement weather plans and send out winter equipment to the work team. 

Keeping employees warm and dry with wisely selected protective devices can increase morale and increase winter employment production. Buy USB heated hoodie’s from The Sourcing Department for yourself and your workers to help them stay safe during cold

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