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Tips every first-time skydiver should know to cross off the bucket list!

If you're thinking about making your first ever skydive in Puerto Vallarta, here are some essential tips you need to know before you jump.


Get your Body Right!

You don't have to be physically fit to go skydiving, but doing a few warm-up exercises and stretches can help your body and muscles feel loose. Note, at more than 120 mph (190 kph), you'll be free falling, so it's crucial that your body is fully relaxed while in the air. Do some jumping jacks on the morning of your jump or run in place, and don't forget to do some simple stretches, especially for your neck. If you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before you attempt a skydive.


Take it Easy and Breathe.

It's essential to know how to breathe correctly when you're up in the air. Avoid hyperventilation by taking deep, slow breathing instead of short, quick, successive breaths. Relax and listen to your instructor, who will certainly walk you through this as a pro, and if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, make sure to let him or her know.


Breathing is not difficult, despite what you might think, and should be able to breathe as usual as if you were on the ground. If you experience any breathing difficulty, it's probably because you're tilting your head too low, causing the wind to rush on your face and at an odd angle into your nose. But there is no need to panic, tip your head back, keep your eyes on the horizon, and breathe through your mouth.


Safety is Paramount

Don't ever misinterpret your instructor's calm attitude as a sign of carelessness, for protection is paramount above all else. These guys and girls are full-time professionals who do this every single day as their Work. All skydiving instructors must have a Class D license qualification and have performed at least 500 cumulative jumps. Go online and check whether your skydiving company and instructor's credentials are appropriately certified.


Dress Appropriately For Skydiving

Wear loose but comfortable clothing, like a T-shirt, pants, sneakers, etc. In general, wear clothes with no strings, metal grommets, rhinestones, pompoms, or other details that may flap painfully around or be pulled off by the wind.


Eat Normally And Don't Rush.

You must generally eat on skydive day to keep your energy levels up. Drink plenty of water also to keep you on alert.



We hope these tips help you get the most out of your first skydiving experience in Puerto Vallarta.

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