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Was Jesus Born on December 25? What was the Significance of His birth?

The birth of Jesus is quite a mystery for many Christians until now; the Bible provides little aid in answering this query: no date is given in the tales of the Gospel. There is no correlation to the period of the year. Few Christians have found the hint in the evangelist Luke’s describing that shepherds managed their herds at night as they heard about the birth of Jesus.


For others, this was not meant a December birth, but one in the spring season, when the animals will be able to wander out of their stables. Proponents for the December Nativity respond that sheep reserved for the offerings of the temple should have speared unhindered even in the deepest winter.


The essential aspects to know about when and where was Jesus born


When was Jesus born?


The early Christian authors were more involved in the death and resurrection of Jesus than his date and timings of birth. The earliest of the Gospels does not mention the birth of Jesus. 


How do we come to celebrate Jesus’s birth on December 25?


It was only on December 25 that the church agreed on Christmas in the fourth century. The traditional theory is that the early church merged its Nativity celebration with the pre-existing pagan festivals. 


The rationale is that the expanding church, acknowledging the prominence of the cold weather festival, held its own Christmas celebration to motivate the spread of Christianity.


Another theory on Jesus’s birth


The claim based on ancient Jewish practice that has the great priests drying on the exact date as their birth or, respectively, their conception. Thus, to implement this peculiar assertion, the first step in deciding the birth of Jesus would be to examine his death date.


Joseph’s Gospel concluded March 25 as the death date of Jesus Christ. Numerous catholic denominations came to embrace the feast of Annunciation, representing the visit of angel Gabriel to tell Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ. As per the Roman calendar—adding nine months to this date produces December 25 as Christmas.


Where was Jesus born?


The dilemma of where Jesus was born is often addressed by the city known as Bethlehem. Christians learn this from the biblical prophecies and descriptive reports, as in Luke and Mathew’s. Also, from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was not born—an inn, because there was no space for his parents to live.


As per Micah and the Jewish belief, Jesus Christ should have been born in Bethlehem, a small village near Jerusalem. Luke tells that Mary and Joseph had come to the city for a survey before the birth of Christ, thereby fulfilling the prophecy.


Real Meaning of the Birth of Jesus


Even more important than when and where Jesus was born, the fact that He was raised. Jesus came to the world to be with us and to be like us. The angel Gabriel told Mary that she would give birth to the son, called ‘Immanuel,’ which means ‘God is with us.’


Why was Jesus born? The Bible answered:


He was born as the world’s payer; He paid for each one of our sins. Jesus made the statement when he was being crucified, “paid in full,” which means he took all our pain and suffering with his death. 


He saved his people, He loved his people, and He sacrificed himself for his people. His one specific reason to take birth on earth was to be our substitute, so that we can get to heaven according to the Bible.

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