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The essential guide to the Terry Towelling Polo Shirts

A polo shirt has become the staple requirement of most men's wardrobe and earned a considerable place in the fashion industry over time. This sporty and smart style icon is infinitely versatile, which is why more than half of the man's Buy Polo Shirts Online in the USA every year. 

The most fabulous thing about Terry Towelling Polo Shirts is that they suit all shapes and physique sizes. It means you don't have to go on a strict diet to look good in them. Colors like navy, white, gray, and black are the most favored choices as they work well with almost all skin tones and body shapes.

What is the difference between Terry Towelling Polo Shirts and T-Shirts? 

  • Terry Towelling Polo Shirt is a short-sleeved cotton shirt prepared from the knitted fabric with a collar and a few buttons at the neck. Conversely, T-shirt is more like casual top wear with no collar and fabricated from a stretchy and light fabric.  
  • T-shirts usually come with small or big patterns including, images, slogans, and funky prints. Terry Towelling Polo Shirts come in solid colors and usually plain and have a logo on the chest, but may also be available in basic pattern like stripes. 
  • T-shirts have various necklines, such as U-neck, V-neck etc. But, Terry Towelling Polo Shirts always have collared necks that look elegant and add class to your overall appearance.

Do’s and Don’ts of a polo shirt:


  • Consider buttoning at least one of the buttons, mostly if you will hang out with your office mates, as having all the buttons undone looks a bit sloppy and floppy.
  • You can either tuck or untuck your Terry Towelling Polo Shirtsdepending upon the occasionTucking will give you a more formal look, while untucking will appear more casual. 


  • Please don’t wear anything underneath because it will add unnecessary bulkiness and polo shirts look best next to the skin. Plus, you'll stay much more relaxed this way in warmer climates. Still, if you are in the habit of wearing undershirts, choose the one that is light in weight and won't be visible from the collared neck.
  • Don’t layer polos upon polo. It is not cool at all.
  • Don't pop your collar up because it is often considered as douchey. But if you are in several circumstances like protect your neck from the sun, feel free to do so.
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