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Buying Your First Bluetooth Earphones? Keep these points in mind

Bluetooth devices are among the most popular devices today. The reason for this is the flexibility they offer. They let users connect their devices. Some Bluetooth devices also come with a voice command feature. If we talk about the Bluetooth earphones, they let users answer and reject the calls without touching their phones. Such a feature comes in handy when you are driving. Besides this, Bluetooth headsets also provide a lot more facilities to the users. In this blog, we will see some important points that you should consider before purchasing a Bluetooth enabled earphones.


If you are buying earphones to use them in a loud workplace, they should have a noise-canceling feature. The noise-cancellation feature reduces the disturbance while attending a call so that the person you are talking could clearly listen to you. Apart from your workplace's nature, you will also need earphones with a noise cancellation feature while traveling because there is a lot of noise pollution on roads. You will get the best quality earphones from top wholesale cell phone accessory shops.

Battery Life

Bluetooth earphones come with a rechargeable battery. Since earphones are among the top wholesale cellular accessories required for all phones, you should not ignore their battery life. So, when you purchase Bluetooth earphones, do not forget to ask about the battery life. The longer is the battery life, the more you will enjoy the songs. On average, earphones can work up to four to five hours on a single charge. If we talk about their standby time, it ranges from less than one week to two weeks. However, the standby time varies from brand to brand.

Stereo, Mono, and HD Sound

Mono sound headsets come with a single earpiece. Therefore, they provide sound to only one ear. If you are buying earphones only for basic functions like answering the phone calls, you can go for mono earphones. But, if you want to purchase earphones to listen to music, mono sound earphones will not be the best option. Instead, you should consider buying the earphones that come with two earpieces and stereo sound. The stereo headset offers you high-quality sound quality when listening to your favorite songs.

Moreover, if you are a gamer, stereo headsets are among the must-have wholesale cellular accessories required for all your phones. These headsets will give you a truly immersive experience.

Multipoint Pairing

Multipoint pairing is the feature of Bluetooth enabled devices to connect with more than one device. If the earphone you are purchasing has this feature, it will connect with any Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, laptops, etc.

Voice Command Feature

Today, the devices with voice command features are in high demand. The reason for their increasing popularity in the market is that they let users access some smartphone features via voice commands. Voice command features come in handy when you have to answer or reject calls while driving. Some Bluetooth headsets come with this feature. Therefore, please check the voice command feature earphones before buying them. The voice command feature comes in branded headsets, which you can buy from any top wholesale cell phone accessory shop.


If you ignore comfort while buying Bluetooth, earphones can be a costly mistake. Some headsets come with a head strap that keeps them in place, while others come with a clip around the ear. On the other hand, some headsets also have earbuds that go inside the ears, but earbuds are uncomfortable to some users. Therefore, you should know what type of earphones will be the most comfortable for you.


Mic is the primary feature that all earphones should have. Most people buy Bluetooth earphones, especially for calling. Therefore, if your Bluetooth earphone lacks this feature, there is no use in purchasing it.


Every Bluetooth device has a particular range. The category of Bluetooth is determined according to their connecting range. For example, Class 1 Bluetooth devices offer a range up to 300 feet, whereas class 2 Bluetooth devices provide a range of up to 33 feet. If you are among the people who move a lot without keeping their phones with them, you need a Bluetooth earphone with a good range.


Bluetooth headphones are available in the market in different price ranges. The Bluetooth earphones that offer a high connectivity range are comparatively expensive than those with a short connectivity range. On the other hand, these devices' price also depends on the number of features they offer. Therefore, it is necessary to know your requirements before visiting any top wholesale cellphone accessory shops to buy earphones.

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