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Important Tips to Take care of Burmese Star Tortoise

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Burmese Star tortoise is one of the best and most attractive tortoise species in the world.Baby Burmese Star tortoises are sought after by most collectors and are known for their excellent back over gold shell and pattern.

The Burmese star tortoise features a rectangle and moderately domed carapace dark in color. Each plate is stamped with a beautiful star or flower petal pattern, different from other tortoises.

Life span of Burmese Star tortoise:

Burmese Star tortoises have three different stages of development, including;

  • Hatchlings
  • Juveniles
  • Adults
  • Hatchlings:

Hatchling weighs 6 to 12 grams and already robust after eggs get hatched.They intake their first meal and usually overdose. The babies have a beautiful golden yellow color, and the unique black marks on the shells are seen. The shells and heads of babies are round with black eyes, and the legs are already steady and able to move about.

  • Juveniles:

They look like their parents, and their colors have softened a little. They are very greedy eaters. They eat almost everything you feed them. They have lots of energy but are not as huge as adult tortoises.

  • Adults:

As compared to hatch lings and juveniles, adults have round shells, taller, rounder limbs, and dull-colored shells.

Things to be Considered While Taking Care of Burmese Star Tortoise

  • Eating habits:

Burmese Star tortoises are generally seen eating more in the evening.They won’t leave their hides unless it is dusk to graze around and eat. They will return to their hides to sleep after eating.The best time to offer food is during afternoons when they are eager to eat.

They love to eat various food items, including clover, chicory, dandelion, mulberry, squash, cactus pads, kale, collard greens, and hibiscus flowers. To ensure their better growth, add calcium to your pet’s food.

  • Sleeping habits:

Burmese Star tortoises have a very typical daily schedule, starting with feeding and basking. They will generally find a comfortable and safe spot to sleep after eating. In the wild, you may find several tortoises in the same spot.

  • Water:

Burmese Star tortoises can live on land and in shallow water where aquatic plants are available. Their water habitats should be deep from 35 to 105 cm.So,if you are thinking about Burmese Star tortoise, then an outdoor enclosure with a small pond is a beautiful idea.It would be great to add some water plants in the pool so that your tortoises can feed on these plants. It is good to create an indoor enclosure with a water feature if you want to care for your tortoise.

  • Burmese Star tortoise food:

There are plenty of food items that you can provide Burmese Star tortoises.It is essential to provide them with the right and balanced diet full of nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.  Their diet includes Mazuri, dandelion, clover, strawberry, plantain, collards, mustard, turnip greens, and squashes.

Generally, they feed on vegetation, primarily grass and mushrooms. They also eat fruits and possibly insects and larvae.

  • Burmese Star tortoise temperament:

As compared to the other tortoises in captivity, the Burmese Star tortoises quite possibly have the best personalities out there. They are highly adaptive as well as gentle in behaviour.Due to their calm behaviour, they can easily thrive in captive situations. These species quickly learn to connect their keeper as the food source. They will enthusiastically approach in search of something to eat.They are very outgoing and responsive tortoises to work with.

  • Habitat:

These tortoises species are very easy to care for but need a lot of space for habitat. They can easily tolerate both cold and hot environments. When choosing the enclosure of your tortoises, first of all, measure their sizes. By selecting the right size of enclosures, you can give them a comfortable living experience. Avoid any gaps because your tortoises can escape.

Place this outdoor pen in a sunny area of your backyard and well-drained soil. Keep in mind that areas that collect water and soak after rain are not good to build an enclosure.

  • Lighting:

Like other reptiles, tortoises cannot control their body temperatures and need efficient lighting. For Burmese Star tortoises, use the best quality UV lamp and a basking heating lamp inside the enclosure.

Your lighting must be adjustable with temperature adjustments and height adjustments.

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