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Top tips to improve your hair

Your hair adds to your beauty. Whether you like it short or long, cut in a particular shape, or you keep it flowing, the fact remains that if you have hair, you need to take care of it!

If you do not comb or maintain your hair properly, it can become unruly and challenging to manage. Moreover, it can lose its luster and shine, resulting in hair loss or even in damaged scalps! For preventing such mishaps, it is highly recommendable to take care of your hair while it is still growing! Of course, you may think that you can get a transplant with technology improvements whenever you want. However, it is better to keep in mind that natural is always better and healthier!


Here are some essential tips that will help you to take care of your hair better!

Do not overuse the heat.

Although it might be tempting to use the hair blower or dryer every day before going to work or when you are in a hurry, the heat can ultimately cause severe damage to your hair. It can become brittle, dry, or cracked. You can often find frizzy strands standing out if you overuse the heat.

In a study conducted in 2011, the researchers recommended that you hold the blow dryer nearly 6 inches away from the hair’s surface. Moreover, it is also better not to concentrate the blower at a certain point but to move it continuously.

Moreover, it would be wise not to blow dry every day but to let the hair breathe. You can limit the session to twice or thrice a week, as it will provide sufficient time for hair recovery within that period.

You can also try setting the dryer or curler to a lower temperature to prevent chances of getting damaged. Moreover, applying heat-resistant masks or products on your hair can help you too.

Scalp massages

Improving your blood circulation in your scalp can help your hair follicles to increase their blood flow. You can also try follicle boosters to enhance your hair quality. Experts recommend that a four-minute daily massage can improve your hair’s thickness and strength over time.

If you do not have anyone to help you out, you can massage your scalp by applying pressure with your fingers. It is better to use circular motions for several minutes. It is also advisable to do this while your hair is wet, right before applying shampoo.

Increase protein in your diet

Since your hair follicles mostly consist of protein, you mustn’t have its deficiency in the diet. Otherwise, you can suffer from hair thinning or loss. Some of the well-known protein-rich foods to incorporate in your diet would be:

  • Egg whites. (you can leave out the yolk if you want to.)
  • Fish, such as salmon or mackerel.
  • Tender meat
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Legumes
  • Beans

You can even cut down on oily foods as it harms your skin quality. Using a protein-rich diet will boost your immunity and improve your hair growth.

Using chia mask and scrub

If your hair looks damaged or weak, you can try strengthening it with a chia mask and scrubYou can make it at home using one spoon of chia seeds, four scoops of coconut oil, one spoon of honey, and some drops of apple cider vinegar. All you need to do is soak the seeds in water for about thirty minutes, then mix it well with the other ingredients. Then, gently apply the mixture directly to your scalp and let it sit for thirty minutes. After which, you can rinse it off with shampoo.

If you are not confident in trying this on your own, you can always order chia hair scrubs online. They would also provide your hair with the essential nutrients.

Taking care of your hair is one of the first steps towards self-care or self-love. If you want to create a difference in your health or lifestyle, you can always start eating healthy. If you do not have any other illness that can cause your hair to fall off, it would be worth while to put in some effort to rejuvenate your hair and restore its luster.


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