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The exquisite Sea glass charm bracelet

Charm bracelets look very beautiful while you wear them as an accessory in hand. They seem delicate but are strong, just like a woman. You can add on some charms or lose some to make it light! Hence adapting to every occasion. If you want your charm bracelet to look different and give you a high-tone, you should consider a sea glass charm bracelet.

There is a wave of sea glass jewelry trend that is picking up its pace. More sea glass converts-themed exhibits are happening around. People are experimenting with this material, and even sea glass turtle accessories are also being popular in all age groups.

What is special about sea Glass?

Sea glass originates from broken glass shards, glass bottles, jars, glassware, tableware, clear plates and glasses, windshields, windows, whiskey, medicine, spirits etc. Before, there wasn't any knowledge about the environment. People used to bury their industrial waste in the oceans. Although, it is continuing in some parts of the world.

The glass's disposition into the sea makes them shatter into small pieces, and they are then plunged, by the waves, along with salt water and friction with other materials in the ocean until they obtain a glassy, smooth and unique appearance. The slick and shiny look of glass gets slowly transformed over the years. It receives a frosted look because of the mix of saltwater and sunlight exposure for a long duration.

They have no sharp edges unless it breaks. They have been smoothen over the years. That's why it's a "reversible gem" created by man and nature together. It takes time to form. Although it’s naturally available, it can be expensive, which depends largely on its natural color and size. That's why some of the rare collection is expensive.

Wearing a Sea glass charm bracelet with a Twist

If you are a meaningful person, you would love the idea of sea glass turtle jewelry. It offers uniqueness, calmness, and beauty. Turtle is considered very lucky. In many cultures, it symbolize strength, longevity, and hope. They are known for steadfast repose and safe in the information that they can last during bad times until things progress for the better. You can flaunt your sea glass turtle as one of the charms in your bracelet. You can also use it in a necklace, ring, or however you desire.

The diversity Sea Glass Offers:

You can wear sea glass charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and what not! The options are endless. You can even customize as per your liking. Don't think of it as a commodity. They take time to get formed under natural circumstances for more than seven years.

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