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Here's All You Need to Know About Jeprox Fish

The Jeprox fish is one of the most favorite foods of everyone. Being easy to fry and ready to eat, snack, it is most preferred in the households. Jeprox is a dried and salted fish made with Smelt, a variety of fish commonly available in North American regions.

If you want to enjoy Jeprox fish, purchase it from Jans Food, the leading Indonesian food importer and distributor in the regions of the US.

More about Jeprox Fish

Jeprox fish is comparatively thin and lightweight than a standard dried fish. Also, being easy to grab, it is amongst the favorite ready-to-eat snacks of everyone. It certainly goes well with the vinegar drips.

Jeprox fish dish has almost similar characteristics to that of daing. It's a straightforward dried fish dish that might remind you of salted, dried fish or daing at some point in time while you have it. Though the name, Jeprox, might sound a bit unsatisfying to you, when it comes to its taste, you will get the best satisfaction ever. It's no joke, grab a pack of Jeprox fish from Jans Enterprise Corp, the leading Indonesian food importer and experience it yourself. No doubt, after having some bites, you will be left wanting more. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy it as a breakfast with some sinangag or a super spicy bowl of vinegar.

Is There Any Difference Between Jeprox & Daing?

As discussed previously, Jeprox is comparatively thin and lightweight than Daing or regular dried fish. Jeprox is manufactured from a fish variety named Smelt, which is a typical North American fish species.

However, daing or dried split fish is made by lowering the moisture level from a very fresh state with the help of an adequate quantity of heat supply. To retain its quality and taste and prevent it from getting affected, industries prefer adding salt to it.

Serve You Palate with Jans Food's Best Quality Jeprox Fish 

Jans Food is a leading Indonesian food importer and supplier of high-quality Jeprox fish and other products to satisfy your food requirements. Jans Food has a strong global presence in the areas of foods and beverages since 1998. The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and distributes the iconic chain of foods and beverages directly from its warehouses to the parts of the US and abroad. From a vast range of snacks to fruity beverages and dairy products, there's a lot you can enjoy

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