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What Are the Top Trends in Insect Jewelry to Try in 2021?

Do you love wearing jewelry that reflects your love for nature? Or do you prefer the natural aesthetic? Then, you have to try vintage insect jewelry. It is the trending accessory buzzing in the fashion sphere.

Vintage jewelry takes away the creepy, crawly aura of insects. Instead, insect-inspired accessories transform them into elegant pieces or statement jewelry. You can find the best insect jewelry for sale at online stores. Check out the trends in insect jewelry:

Honey Bee-inspired Jewelry

Honey bees are the favorite muse for vintage jewelry. You can find several bright precious stones on bee jewelry.

Even its wings are embedded with stones. You are sure to have a glitzy and festive look with a honey bee-inspired accessory. Go for a statement queen bee necklace. Or you can try cute bee earrings.

Do you prefer to cut down on the bling? Then, you can choose bee accessories with monochromatic tones and fewer stones.

Silver amethyst bee rings are also popular. You can browse through different bee designs and buy amethyst jewelry online.


Butterfly jewelry is a popular choice for its elegant and colorful look. If you prefer to go bold, you can choose butterfly pendants with rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Butterfly bracelets also enhance your overall look.

For an elegant look, you can pick vintage metal butterfly earrings. Or go for a delightful butterfly cluster necklace. You can choose silver or diamond jewelry to match with monochromatic outfits.

Butterfly diamond earrings give a classy charming look. You can find the best insect jewelry for sale at reputable online stores. You may also try butterfly pendants with yellow and white diamonds for a whimsical touch.


Dragonfly jewelry is beautiful while being inspirational. A dragonfly symbolizes good luck, self-realization, peace, and prosperity.

You can go for eye-catchy pieces with sparkly glass gems. Colorful dragonfly-inspired earrings and pendants are stylish. They also add a splash of cheerful colors to your overall look.

Alternatively, you can try sober yet classy dragonfly jewelry. Silver and deep monochromatic tones are popular. An amethyst dragonfly necklace can be your statement piece. You can check out different dragonfly designs and buy amethyst jewelry online.

Spiders and Bling Bugs

Spiders and bugs may seem like an unusual jewelry choice. However, they are unique and add some bling to your outfit. From bracelets, rings, to pendants, you can choose different models. You can go for spider or bug jewelry with stones or shiny metals.

Insect jewelry is trending, and for a good reason. Try the above trends in insect-inspired accessories to enhance your outfit. These pieces have a unique charm that is hard to overlook.

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