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A Short Guide on Concentrates

CBD concentrates contain high amounts of cannabinoids. They are sought after because of their potency and quick onset.

You may already be aware of other forms of CBD products such as DC Cannaburst Gummies, vapes, tinctures, etc. To people new to CBD, concentrates seem like a no-go area because of what they have heard about it. In this post, we aim to shed more light on CBD concentrates.- And hopefully, demystify its usage. Let's begin.

How are concentrates made?

Manufacturers produce concentrates using different methods to get high-grade products. One of the best and most common methods for preparing concentrates is using CO2 to extract cannabinoids. The rosin process produces highly refined CBD, THC using heat in hyperbaric conditions (high-pressure). Some manufacturers opt to use solvents to extract cannabinoids, but the resulting product contains harmful chemicals and is unhealthy for any user.

Types of cannabis concentrate?

Powder/crystal: powders or crystals are high-purity CBD products in crystalline form.

Wax: Wax is an amber-colored concentrate with a wax-like appearance and texture.

Shatter: When you buy shatter wax in Washington DC, you can expect to get a concentrate that looks like glass and breaks in a similar way.

Live Resin: live resin is a yellow-gold to amber-looking concentrate. It is moist and appears shiny. One of the things that make live resin in high demand is that it preserves the terpenes profile.

Rosin: Rosin is derived from a solventless extraction process, so there are no residual solvents in it. The consistency and texture of rosins vary from buddery to crumbly, depending on the manufacturing process.

CBD distillate: Manufactures produce distillates by heating, vaporizing, and cooling cannabinoids from flowers. The process is repeated several times to get a very potent oil.

How quickly do they kick in?

Most people would instantly get an idea of how concentrates work just by the name. Concentrates contain high amounts of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. To give you a comparison, high-quality flowers may contain up to 20% CBD and 5% THC, while your wax or shatter may have anywhere from 70-90% CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Concentrates kick in fast and produce an intense feeling. The effects typically peak after 45 minutes.

Benefits of Using Concentrates

Concentrates have certain advantages over other forms of CBD products because of their quick and potent effects. Most users take concentrates by bowl topping, dabbing, or vaping. Apart from its recreational appeal, concentrates can be highly beneficial for those using CBD for medicinal purposes. Patients begin to feel relief much quicker than other modes of administration- although this is beneficial for all health challenges, two main areas where this is important are

alleviating anxiety (and related disorders like PTSD) and chronic pain.

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