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Here’s why you need Royal Wax

Beware, car owners! There are numerous agents and chemicals on the market that can permanently damage the paint on your car. Knowing which elements can be damaging ahead of time will assist you in avoiding spoiling the paintwork. By avoiding these dangerous compounds, you can save costly repairs or repainting your car.

Let’s go over the top 6 most prevalent – and surprising – items that might harm your car’s paint.

  • Soda & coffee

The majority of people are unaware that beverages such as coffee and soda can damage your car’s paint. These drinks have a high acidity level, which can eat away at the paint’s protective layer, causing corrosion. Sugar, which is prevalent in coffee and soda drinks, leaves a sticky residue as well. To avoid long-term harm, make careful to mop up any spills as quickly as possible.

  • Droppings of bird

Bird excrement is another harmful element that may likely surprise you. Because the droppings are acidic and solidify when baked on under the sun, they can leave a lasting mark on the outside of a vehicle. It’s better not to allow the droppings to dry out and to clean them up as soon as possible using a damp rag and some mild detergent. When cleaning, avoid rubbing the area since seed particles and grit in the droppings might harm the underlying paint’s surface. Fortunately, quality Royal Wax can help you preserve your car’s paint from any harm.

  • Gas

When filling up the tank, car owners should be cautious. Gas that spills or drips onto the car’s body can discolor it. Although the gasoline dissipates, it might leave scars on the clear coat and harm it. After each car wash, get the vehicle waxed as a preventative measure. Cleanup will be a breeze as a result of this.

  • Cream

Similarly, if shaving cream is left on the automobile, it can discolor the paint. As soon as possible, thoroughly wash the vehicle with soap.

  • Ashes

Wildfires or home fires in the vicinity could endanger your vehicle. A chemical reaction occurs when ashes and soot settle on the outside of the car and are exposed to moisture, such as from sprinklers or rain. The potassium and calcium in the ashes can erode the paint of a car and produce a dark grey stain when wet.

  • Shoe polish

Shoe polish, it turns out, may discolor a car and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. It’s crucial not to leave it on the paint to dry. To remove the polish from your car, look for a specific detergent at an automotive supply store.

If there is any light oxidation on your car, you need not worry about it. Simply polishing your car and using the royal wax can not only remove any oxidation but also prevent it from happening in the future.

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